Lookout Tower


- 4 x 3.6m-5m (12-16ft) spars
- 8 x 2.5m (8ft) spars
- 6 x 2m (6ft) spars
- approx 24 x 2m (6ft) light spars
- 4 x 1.5m (4ft) light spars
- Lashing lengths
- Rope ladder
- Large pegs or pickets

- Optional - to raise the tower
- 3 x 3.5m (12ft) spars
- 3 x ropes approx 20m (65ft) long
- 1 pulley


Start by making 2 trestles using the longest spars for the sides, a 2m spar for the top rail and a 2.5m spar for the bottom rail. Brace each side with a single 2.5m spar.

Lay the trestles on their sides and join them using 2 x 2m spars and 2 x 2.5m spars. Ensure these top rails are in top of the existing rails, as they will form the supports for the platform. Brace the sides with two more 2.5m spars.

The platform is made from lightweight spars or staves that may not have sufficient strength to span the two metre gap, so lash two additional 2m spars across the top of the tower.

Reserve 4 x 2m light spars then lash the remaining to form the floor of the platform.

Use the 4 x 1.5m spars as uprights for the handrail and join them with the reserved 4 x 2m light spars for handrails. Brace if necessary.

Tie the rope ladder to one of the top rails.

To raise the tower, prepare a tripod and hang the pulley from the centre. Position this about 10m from the base of the tower. Tie two long ropes to the back corners of the tower (not the handrail). Fix the third rope to the middle of the front of the tower and feed it through the pulley. Use this rope to raise the tower while it is steadied by others using the back ropes.

Peg the bottom of the rope ladder to the ground. The tower should be stable enough to be free standing but if you have the slightest doubt, knock in large pegs or pickets by each foot and lash the legs to them and/or guy it.