About the Pioneering made easy team

Dave and Alan were introduced to pioneering as Scouts and, as a Scout Leader, Dave was able to extend his knowledge and Alan's assistance was always welcome. When they were approached to write these articles for Scouting, they were happy to collaborate on them. After a year Alan's commitments meant he could not longer continue, which was when Lesley got involved. Although lacking in technical expertise she built a model of each project from garden canes. This was sent to David Anthony, who produced the drawings that were used in the magazine and can now be found on this site.

Meet the team

Dave Bixby (Pioneering Projects Creator)
Dave joined the Cub Pack at the 1st Morden when he was nine years old. He progressed through the Movement, becoming an Assistant Cub Scout Leader and then, whilst in his early 20s, Acting Group Scout Leader. This role, he felt, was not for him, so he moved to the 16th Morden as Scout Leader. After a few years he returned to the 1st Morden and has been running the Troop there since the mid 1980s. His other roles in Scouting have included tutor on Leadership 1 courses, Acting Group Scout Leader (again) and is now ADC Scouts in Wimbledon and Wandle District. He was awarded the Silver Acorn in 1998

Alan Green (Pioneering Projects Creator)
Alan also joined the 1st Morden Cub Pack at the age of nine and progressed through the Group. He earned his Queen's Scout Award. He became Cub Scout Leader in the 1st Morden and later did a spell as District Cub Scout Leader. He helped on Leadership 1 courses for a number of years. He was awarded the Silver Acorn in 2006.

Lesley Bixby (Pioneering Projects Creator)
Lesley met Dave and Alan when she joined the 1st Morden as a Cub Instructor. She took out an Assistant Cub Scout Leader appointment and when Dave moved to the 16th Morden she also transferred and took over as Cub Scout Leader. After nearly six years she took a break to bring up two children but was soon back Scouting as District Secretary of Morden and St Helier and later, after the merger with Mitcham, of Wandle District. After ten years she returned to the 1st Morden Pack as an Adult Helper and took on the role of Group Secretary also. Lesley is now County Secretary for Greater London South West, Badge Secretary and newsletter editor for Wimbledon and Wandle District and Secretary of the London Area Special Needs Advisory Panel. She was awarded the Silver Acorn in 2007.

Steven Connor -Deep Red New Media- (Website Designer and SEO Specialist)
A very big thank you to Steven for his time and effort put in to make the site what it is. Without his web design skills this site would not look as good as it does, and would not have existed if it wasn't for his valued contribution and free time.

Jason Richardson (Assistant Online Content Editor)
Jason is a family friend and has played a big part in adding the content to the site. Without Jason's help the website creation would not have been possible.We would like to thank him for his support.