Haymaker Bridge

This is a very simple project which needs just 2 spars but it requires some agility to use it.


  • 1 x 5m (15ft) spar
  • 1 x 3m (10ft) spar
  • 4 x 10m (30ft) ropes 10mm diameter for guys
  • 2 x 5m (15ft) lashings
  • 4 large pegs
  • mallet


In order to build this bridge, someone must get wet! It is suitable for rivers with muddy, not stony, bottoms.

Tie one end of each of the 4 x 10m (30ft) ropes to the top of the 5m (15ft) spar.

Tie one end of one of the 5m (15ft) lashings to the 5m (15ft) spar just below the guys.

Place the butt end of the 5m (15ft) spar on the river bed and raise the spar until it is vertical.

Spread the 10m (30ft) guys so that 2 are on each bank and drive in a large peg for each. Make the guys off to the pegs.

Now, someone has to stand in the river near the vertical spar holding the 3m (10ft) spar.

One end of the 3m (10ft) spar rests on the bank whilst the other is lashed to the vertical spar.

The dangling end of the lashing rope which is tied to the top of the vertical spar is tied to the 3m (10ft) spar at the bank end.

The bridge is now complete.

To use

One member of the Patrol walks along the 3m (10ft) spar to the vertical spar and, while holding on to the vertical spar cause the bridge to pivot by shifting their weight. When it has turned through 1800 the Scout walks to the bank.

Note: Since the design of the project the principles of Health and Safety have changed dramatically.
Caution should be exercised to assess the risks associated with this build and especially regarding possible falls from height, so handrails or belays and harnesses may be required.

To download the complete plan and design document please Click Here

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