Deck Chair


  • 2 x 2m (6ft) staves
  • 2 x 1.5m (4ft 6″) staves
  • 7 x 1m (3ft) staves


Prepare the first rectangular frame using 2 x 1m and 2 x 1.5m staves.

The second rectangular frame is made up 2 x 1m and 2 x 2m staves. It must be narrow enough that it will fit through the first frame.

Fit the two frames together and adjust the angle of the frames so that they will form a comfortable seat. Lash them where they cross. (Diagram A)

Prepare the back support by lashing the remain 1m staves together to form 3 sides of a rectangle. The points a and b should fit inside the first frame built, the other ends of these staves are lashed to the outside of the second, larger frame. (Diagram B)

Using heavy duty polythene or canvas to form the seat, stapling it firmly in place.

To download the complete plan and design document please Click Here

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