Ladder/Rope Gateway


  • 4 x 2.4m (8ft) spars
  • 10 x 1.5m (5ft) spars
  • 5 x 2m (6ft) spars
  • 4 x pickets
  • 5 light ropes
  • 31 lashings


Prepare two identical ladders using the 2.4m (8ft) spars, each with 5 x 1.5m (5ft) rungs.

Lay them on their sides and join the tops with 2 x 2m spars which should be lashed just below the top rungs.

Take two of the lengths of rope. In the centre of each tie three man harness knots, approx 0.3m (1ft) apart. The rope should then be tied to the top of the 2.4m (8ft) spars. The rope should be as tight as possible. (Ref manharness July 99 – millennium dome)

Thread the three remaining ropes across the top of the gateway through the loops of the manharness knots. Take care not to cross the ropes. Tie them off loosely to a rung on either side to prevent them slipping.

Stand the gateway up in place, knock in a picket by each foot and lash the uprights of the gate to the pickets.

Lay 1 x 2m spar between the bottom rungs. Adjust it so that on one side it only just rests on the rung. Lash it to the rung on the opposite side of the gateway (ie where there is the overhang). Use a square lashing but do not do any frapping turns as this spar must pivot.

Repeat the procedure with the other 2 x 2m spars on the next two rungs up.

Untie the ropes which go over the top of the gateway on the side that these 3 x 2m spars are lashed. Take one rope across the opening of the gate to the end of the top 2m spar and tie it in place.

Take the centre rope and tie it to the end of the centre spar and tie the third rope to the bottom spar.

Untie the other end of the ropes and pull on them evenly to raise the three spars, thus allowing access through the gate. Make sure that the ropes are tied off securely if you want the gate to stay open!

To download the complete plan and design document please Click Here

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