Getting Started

Getting Started

Pioneering Equipment for Scouts

A good stock of pioneering equipment can take years to build up but don’t let a lack of equipment put you off. Many camp sites have good pioneering stores of the major pieces required so you can start by obtaining the smaller items – ropes, light cord and staves that can be used in your Meeting place.

Small projects can be built from bamboo canes and light staves. Traditionally staves are made from ash and tend to be expensive. We use hazel instead – these can be available for the asking if you know a landowner with an old hazel coppice.

Avoid using wood that snaps easily like willow or poplar.

We do not recommend the use of broomsticks for pioneering as they are too smooth and the lashings will slip.

Larger spars can be purchased from Garden Centres where they are often sold as poles for pergolas. Check them carefully before you buy. Spars can also be obtained from the Forestry Commission

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