Guided Missile Launcher


  • 13 x staves 1.8metres (6 ft) long
  • 19 x light cords (or sisal) about 2 metres long
  • 1 missile – cotton reel or similar
  • 1 large needle
  • Adhesive tape
  • Balloons
  • 1 x light cord about 7 metres (20 ft) long
  • Strong elastic bands


Construct a trestle using six staves, the height being approx. two thirds the width. (a).

Form the base using three more staves and add a diagonal brace (b).

Lash one brace each side between the base and the top of the trestle. The trestle needs to lean backwards slightly.

Lash the last stave vertically to the centre of the back of the base.

Join the elastic bands together and fix them between the uprights of the trestles.

Using the Missile Launcher: Attach one end of the long cord to a wall, post or similar.

Inflate the balloons and fix them to the same place.

Thread the missile onto the cord and tie the cord to the vertical stave at the back of the launcher, passing it over the trestle.

Fix the needle to the missile with the adhesive tape.

Whilst two members of the Patrol steady the launcher and one tensions the cord by pulling back on the upright stave, a fourth member pulls the elastic bands back over the missile and fires the missile.

To download the complete plan and design document please Click Here

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