Jousting Machine


  • 2 x light staves 1.8 metres (6 ft) long
  • 1 x stave (or tent pole etc) 2.5 metres (8 ft) long
  • 4 x light cords (or sisal) 2 metres (7 ft) long
  • 1 x large pebble
  • Bucket of sand or ballast with a plastic pipe in the centre
  • Cardboard and sponge


Place the pebble in the bottom of the plastic pipe to act as a bearing. Stand the 2.5 metre stave (or tent pole – an upright with a spike works well) in the pipe.

Lash both ends of the 1.8 metre spars together using sheer lashings.

Pass the pair of staves over the upright, forcing them apart. Use the last two cords to suspend them from the top.

Attach a cardboard target to one side of the horizontal member and a wet sponge to the other.

To use: A knight armed with a 1.8 metre lance is carried piggy back and has to attack the target.

If they do not move quickly enough the Knight gets a soaking form the sponge.

To download the complete plan and design document please Click Here

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