The Strophanger


  • 2 light spars approx. 2.5m (8ft.)
  • 1 plank for seat
  • 4 lashings 3.5m long


Make a strop with each of the lashings using a fisherman’s knot.

Each strop is attached to the plank by means of a scaffold hitch thus . . .

The strop is hung on the end of the plank, then two more turns are made.

Turn (1) is lifted over turn (2) so that it lays between (2) and (3).

Turn (2) is then lifted over both (1) and (3) and the end of the plank.

All is then pulled tight.

The loop hanging down is then passed back over the end of the plank and the hitch is complete.

The top corners of the strops are attached to the spars using a larks head.

The Surfing Board is built on the same general principle but with two strops only and no spars. The strops should be just the right length for the board to be close to the ground but not touching it.

To download the complete plan and design document please Click Here

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