Drum Raft


  • 4 x stave 2m long
  • 4 x staves 1.5m long
  • 9 x 25 litre plastic drums
  • Sisal
  • At least two oars
  • Buoyancy aids


Lay the staves on the ground in the shape of a rectangular grid.

Adjust the spaces between the staves so that the drums are a snug fit when they are laid on their sides.

Using sisal, lash the staves together with square lashings.

Hold each drum in place with two lengths of sisal tied as follows:

Start with a round turn and two half hitches on one of the side staves.

Pass the sisal over and around the drum and take two turns round the stave at the other side.

Pass the sisal under and around the drum and make it off on the stave you started on.

If your drums have a handle on the top, tie that to a cross member for extra stability.

You are ready to launch. Position your passengers carefully and don’t forget the buoyancy aids!

Make sure you don’t pollute the water. Drums that have contained toxic chemicals cannot be cleaned out properly. You can buy new drums but we use biodegradable detergent ones which can be washed out. Our local train wash facility were glad to help!

To download the complete plan and design document please Click Here

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