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In 1996, Ron Crabb, the then editor of Scouting magazine, commissioned a series of articles on basic Scouting skills and decided that Scout Troops should be encouraged to rediscover pioneering projects and Activities. The basic idea was to produce a set of pioneering instructions for a selection of Scout pioneering projects that would aid a Scouter with little or no experience to achieve the successful build of a pioneering structure for the Boy and Girl Scouts.

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We rummaged through all the books we could lay our hands on, from John Sweet’s Scout Pioneering and John Thurman’s Fun with Pioneering Ropes and Spars to line sketches in the old PLs Handbook.We added a few original designs and some sent to us by Scouters around the country after the articles began appearing in the magazine.

The pioneering project designs and methods described here are not intended to be the only way of doing things.

The joy of pioneering is that everything is dependent on the equipment available, the experience of the builder and how you feel on the day.

Feel free to download any pioneering projects on this site for your own use and the enjoyment of young people and scouts but it must not be reproduced for financial gain.

If you have any pioneering project designs that you would like to share with the Scouting community please send them to us and we will add them to the site with full credit given.

Pioneering Made Easy is still being well received by the Scouting pioneering community across the world. We have had scout groups using our pioneering projects in USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and all over Great Britain.

At Pioneering Made Easy we are very keen for you to share your pioneering designs and ideas with us. So why not write to us and send us your pioneering travel adventures where ever they may take you around the world.

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