Camp Dresser – Advanced

This is a very stable dresser which incorporates a plate rack and cup hooks.


  • 11 x 2m (6ft) staves
  • 27 x 1m (3ft) staves – at least
  • 9 x 0.5m (18″) staves
  • Sisal for lashings


Start by preparing the back of the dresser. Reinforce the bottom of 2 of the 2m staves by taping (Sellotape or parcel tape will do) 2 x 1m staves to one end of each. Join these staves with 2 further 2m staves, one at the bottom, lashing right round all three staves, one at the top of the 1m staves – see diagram.

Lash a 2m stave diagonally to reinforce the top and the bottom of the back of the dresser. (i)

Tape 2 x 3 1m staves to make the reinforced legs of the front of the dresser and join them with 2 x 2m staves.

Join the front to the back with 2 x 1m staves at each end.

Strengthen the sides by lashing 2 x 2m staves, one either side, from the bottom front corner to near the top of the 2m stave at the back of the dresser. Lash each stave to the top of the side of the dresser. The dresser will now be quite stable.

Lash 1 x 1m stave to one end of the table top then lay the remaining 1m staves on the top of the dresser from the other end and hold in place with a snake lashing. The gap between the single stave and the rest should be just enough to hold a square washing up bowl. (ii)

Using short (0.5m) staves, lash one either side between the 2m upright and the side diagonal bracing, about half way between the table top and the top of the upright.

Prepare the plate rack by lashing 3 x 2m staves across the back of the dresser – one on the short side staves in front of the diagonal, one in front of the upright and the third where the upright and diagonal meet.

The dividers for the plate rack are the remaining 0.5m staves and they are lashed a plate width apart to the 2 x 2m staves which join the front of the top of the dresser (a and b on diagram). The plate rack will not go right across the dresser and cup hooks can be made from twigs and sisal and hung from the other side.

To download the complete plan and design document please Click Here

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