Turnstile Gateway


  • 8 x light spars 2.5m (8ft) long
  • 6 x light spars 1.5m (4ft) long
  • Lashing lengths
  • Sisal
  • Large pegs of pickets


Using the long spars, make two tripods using either sheer or tripod lashings.

Now attach two cross pieces to a side of each tripod using square lashings. The lower piece should be at waist height and the top one as high as possible (above head height).

Lash a long spar to the middle of the top crosspieces, again using square lashings.

Stand the remaining long spar in the centre of your gateway and loosely lash it to the main horizontal spar with another square lashing but only use one loose frapping turn.

Lash two short spars together in the form of a cross and attach it to the vertical spar at waist height using a square lashing.

To ensure the gateway is stable during us either ‘heel’ the butt ends into the ground or drive three or four 15″ pegs into the ground around each butt and secure with turns of sisal.


To provide a smooth bottom pivot for the turnstile, find a metal tin that fits over the end of the spar and bury the tin in the ground to act as a bearing.

To download the complete plan and design document please Click Here

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