Swing Boat v2


  • 6 x 5m (16ft) spars
  • 4 x 4m (12ft) spars
  • 2 x 3m (10ft) spars
  • 1 light log or scaffold plank
  • 1 x 12m (40ft) lashing
  • 20 x 6m (20ft) lashings


Using 4 x 5m spars, construct a pyramid by means of a figure of eight lashing approx. 0.3m from the small end of the spars.

Lash the two remaining 5m spars horizontally across opposite sides of the pyramid 2m vertically above the ground, on the outside of the pyramid. (Diagram A)

Next, lash the two 3m spars between, and on top of the horizontal 5m spars.

The 4 x 4m spars are each lashed to the outer ends of the 5m horizontals and pass inside the nearest pyramid leg, to which they are also square lashed. Where the 4m spars cross they are lashed together.

The log or scaffold plank is suspended from the cross spars. The ropes should be attached to the log using a scaffold hitch.

To download the complete plan and design document please Click Here

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