Wigan Flagpole Revised

(The original design has been revised by adding two extra staves to the base to improve its stability)


  • 7 x staves 1.8m long
  • 9 x light cords about 2m long
  • 2 x light cords about 5m long
  • 1 x small pulley and halyard from flag


Lash together two staves using sheer lashings to make the staff for the flag. (a)

To make the base, lay two staves on the floor 1.6m apart and lay two more staves across the ends to make a square. Use square lashings to hold these in place.

Place the remaining stave across the centre of the two top-most staves and secure using square lashings. (b)

Before you fix the flag staff on the base, attach the guy ropes by halving each of the long cords and tying them onto the staff with clove hitches. If you tie them just above the sheer lashings they will not slip down. Also attach the pulley and halyard to the top of the flag staff.

Finally, stand the staff upright and affix it to the centre of the base using another square lashing. The guy lines are attached to the base to stabilise the structure.

To download the complete plan and design document please Click Here

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